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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hoots Beer Co./Roller Bar, Sutler Spirits, and 918 Bridge Street

I believe they signed the lease sometime ago and have been renovating the space for awhile but Hoots Beer Co. hopes to open Hoots Roller Bar in the former Hoots Roller Mill at 918 Bridge Street off Northwest Boulevard between Reynolda and Cherry. You know, that little warehouse section back-dropped by the steep-kudzoed hill and book-ended by Bob's Big Gas and the folk/outsider artist Sam "the Dot Man"?

Praise be, on August 27th, Ryan Pitts, Eric Weyer, and Eric Swaim the owners/founders reached their Kickstarter goal of $20,000 and I assume that means full-speed ahead. If you read this article fellas, please provide an update. This is an article that previously appeared in the Winston-Salem Journal about them.

In other news, according to this Winston-Salem Journal article, Scot Sanborn a (former?) model is applying for permits to become the North Carolina's 14th distillery as Sutler's Spirits which will also be housed in the former roller mill. And finally, Claire Calvin inspired by the Hoots Beer Co.'s success on Kickstarter (she contributed to their campaign), is trying to raise funds of her own to expand her Dinners on the Porch concept "family-friendly meals prepared the day they are delivered"*with real estate all its own. Contribute to her success here.

*Claire if you read this, it is a little long but I think that should be trademarked

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