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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Herbalife & 500 Jobs Coming to Winston-Salem

Herbalife (NYSE:  HLF) is a publicly-traded nutriution supplement company that sells its products through independent distributors - typically persons who already use their products (this is called Multi-Level Marketing and works similarly to Amway or Avon; click here for more information on similar companies). The Los Angeles based company expects $4 billion in sales this year and projects $10 billion in yearly sales by 2020. It currently sells its products in 85 countries with the U.S. market comprising less than a quarter of its sales. Click here for a link to its Investor Relations webpage.

According to their press release, the company got the Dell Plant for $22.2 million (the plant cost Dell $110 million to build). In exchange for between $10-13 million in incentives, the company will spend over $100 million on improvements to the old Dell facility located at 3200 Temple School Rd., and create 493 jobs over the next three years.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Downtown's First Grocery Store: the Washington Perk

Downtown Winston-Salem's first full-line grocery store wil be a duplicate of the Washington Perk , the popular "neighborhood market, coffee shop and deli" on Acadia Avenue in the Washington Park neighborhod. The new store will be located on Fourth Street in the old Associated Artists space.  This is a link to the Winston-Salem Journal article about the same.