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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Brushy Fork Greenway & Greenways Generally

Earlier this week, the City broke ground on Brushy Fork Greenway which will connect existing greenways around Winston Lake, which is on the north side of Business 40, with existing greenways around Salem Lake which is on the south side of Business 40: Brushy Fork greenway will run under Business 40.

Especially because of a burgeoning population, Forysth County's Legacy Development Guide calls not only for the preservation of existing natural spaces and parks but also their enhancement through the development of a system of greenways which connects them. The Guide notes that greenways are usually established along natural corridors such as rivers, scenic roads, or utility or railroad right-of-ways. City and county officials envision a citywide, comprehensive greenway system which connects parks, shopping centers, neighborhoods, schools, and other facilities as an alternative, multi-modal transportation option.

The City of Winston-Salem has largely undertaken the development of greenways within its borders, including the Brushy Fork Greenway. A map and list of existing greenways can be found on the City's website, under the Parks & Recreation Department, here. More information about proposed greenways can be founded in a 39-page booklet produced by the City-County Planning Board which is available in their office.

A link to the Winston-Salem Journal discussing the groundbreaking of the Brushy Fork Greenway can be found here.

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